Monday, March 27, 2006

@djbenzi dot com: WHY U WANNA DO THAAAT
Am I High???: The King is Back...
We eat so many shrimp: T.I. Got Me To Jam The Original
Charivarious: Music Mosaic: Verve Jazz Masters I
The Broke BBoys: Professor X
soul sides: WIN A SOUL SIDES CD
DWG: Various Artists - 'Hard Core One' LP
Elize - Automatic Video (640x480)
DJ Premier Blog [VIA ...relicious...]

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Today's Find:
Pete Doherty on Yahoo! News Photos
The World's Only!
Mullet Rings [VIA Gari@Suta-GUTI]
Heart restarted by crash
World Best Sport
Ansel Adams' Flickr
Nudist News Collections
Machinima Movies
Saliva Game
Watch This
Area 404
Million Boob Webpage

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Notorious BIG "Me & My Bitch (Unreleased Original Mix)" [VIA Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes]
Freemotion: DJ DL & FM park jam
Pink "Stupid Girls"(Video)
YouTube - kirinji - Blanket Rain
DWG: Supreme DJ Nyborn - 'Versatile Extension'
from the polo fleece to the jesus piece: the ice cream man is coming.

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Today's Find:
Sex dolls fight Mexican machismo
Pepsi [VIA ...relicious...]
Japanese panties sell milk
Sex Doll Customer List has been outflowed
Kristanna Loken topless sex scene from Bloodrayne
Zaeega: Maid Army

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Am I High?: Clipse - Coast 2 Coast (Jake One Remix)
Bjork's QuickTime Gallery
T-pain-Stripper(remix) [VIA DJ BENZI]
Wyolica "Shelter" [VIA the music of aodai]
Musica do Bem: Jack Johnson - On And On & Thicker Than Water Soundtrack
Musica do Bem: Steely Dan live in St. Louis 1993 [VIA totally fuzzy]
YouTube - Towa Tei - Free
YouTube - TLC No Scrubs live at '99 VMAs
YouTube - Mary J Blige & Jay-z

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Today's Find:
Apple Ideas - a photoset on Flickr
sasapong's room: Drum Machine Collection
Screenhead: They die hard
The Groovy Age of Horror: SUKIA: The Severed Hand!
MC Hammer Blog
funny inflatable sex dolls and real sex dolls
Japanese Women Wrestling
DevilDucky - The Nut Bra
Plug Me In

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Freemotion ≫ JayLib “Outtakes”
DWG: B-Fresh/Odd Couple - 'Watch My DJ Get Busy'/'It's Our Turn'
Oh Word: Hip-Hop's Mysteries of the Unexplainable
Stones Throw Records
YouTube - The Specials - A Message to You, Rudy
Jaggle: The Specials
Jaggle: Bob Marley
Capsule PV

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Today's Find:
YouTube - microsoft ipod packaging parody
La Petite Claudine: maestros origami
Serious Japanese CM
BBC NEWS | Africa | Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat
Shock Absorber Bra
the cool hunter - WONDERBRA AD
TechEBlog ≫ Einstein Robot
Desiree Palmen: Camouflage
12 reasons why you should stick to Marijuana
How to grow weed real deal
Chinese Park Scluptures
a fun room(...relicious...) - Scream Queens!
Who are the Interesting Motherfuckers?

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